It’s Ladies Day!

Hey everyone, Kirstie and Maria here!

It’s ladies day here at the castle, and things are going swimmingly – even the rain can’t stop us! Down in the trenches we’ve been trowelling away, so that we are able to remove the last stones from the building tomorrow, blasting away at the rest of mega-context 3241 ready for the next big push!


Steph, Maria, Danielle, Lauren, Rebecca and Kelly showing off their muscle after a hard day’s digging.

Livia has been working her illustration magic on the small finds from Trench 7. She’s been an absolute star working through the week on the illustrations – and she’s nearly finished them all! To see her at work click here.


The illustrationally-talented Livia working hard away in the Windmill.

Perhaps the most exciting thing today though has been a visit from (what we believe to be) a baby kestrel. All these weeks we’ve heard the excited chirps from it’s nest high up in the windmill, with Director Graeme Young catching glimpses of the mother bird of prey as it swoops past his window to feed the young. And now we’re glad to announce the eagerly anticipated arrival of KELLY THE KESTREL!


Ready for take-off?


Learning to fly out in the rain – not so much.

Well that’s it from ladies day!

Take care xx

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