Trench 3 Removes the Metalworking Building

In 2010 it became apparent that we had an Anglo-Saxon structure in the southern part of Trench 3. This building was associated with areas of burning, including spills from probable entrances.

Metalworking building in Trench 3

Over the past two dig seasons we have unearthed all four sides of packing stones for a timber building, as well as a pebbled path that leads to the entrance. We have also sampled the entire area for hammerscale, as we believe that this area was involved in the process of metalworking (Click here to find out more about hammerscale).

Over the last few weeks we have also unearthed a mortared surface within the interior of the building.

The mortared surface in Trench 3

All these features have been photographed, planned and described on context sheets and it is now time to begin lifting and excavating the floor of the building.

Nat and Tom working on the building floor

We began by lifting the northern half of the building walls and today we have begun excavating the mortared surface, taking environmental samples as we go.

To see the first phase of this excavation watch the video below.

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