Staff Profile

Media Supervisor, Joe Tong, has kindly answered some questions about his role at the BRP.

Name: Joseph William Tong
Position: Media Supervisor

Joe Tong at play

Responsibilities at the project?

My main responsibility is video recording the archaeology uncovered by the BRP. This involves:

  • Recording the progression of the excavations, recording as layers are removed, finds are revealed, as a feature is dug and as cleaning reveals contexts.
  • Encouraging diggers, visitors and staff to offer opinions, interpretations and ideas to bridge the interpretive gap between archaeologists and the written record.
  • Recording the archaeologists who form the written record.

As well as the recording of archaeology to form an archival record of the project, I am also responsible for creating short videos for public dissemination which act as an informal output for the project.

How did you get involved with the project?

I got involved with the project in 2011, through Joanne Kirton who is an archaeological supervisor for the project. I know Joanne through my time at the University of Chester where she is a post-graduate student and lecturer and she encouraged me to come along. Although I consider myself an archaeologist I came as a media student in 2011, this experience fostered a desire to make archaeology accessible to everyone through media.

What do you do out of the season?

I have just completed my undergraduate degree in Archaeology from the University so my life is somewhat up in the air! All I can currently be certain of is the next three months! I am working for the project until the end of June when the reigns of media supervisor are passed over to the capable hands of Matthias Jensen. I will be working (and sunning myself) in Bulgaria for the following six weeks then returning to North Wales to work as media supervisor on another project called Project Eliseg.

Other than this I hope to work and save for a year in order to start an MA in 2013.

Hopes for the rest of the season? 

I hope to continue humiliating Tom Lally at pool and I hope to win again at the quiz without the fear of having to write the following quiz! In terms of project aims, I hope the rain stops long enough so that I can complete a number of videos designed to assist incoming students to the project.

Anything you would like to add?

Tom Lally sucks at pool. Joanne Kirton is better than me in every way.

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