Bradford Kaims: Week 1 and 2

Assistant supervisor, Jackie Scott, gives us an overview of the work on-going out at the Bradford Kaims, wetland site.

The first two weeks at the Kaims have been fairly slow going. The repeated assaults of the weather have regularly flooded the low lying parts of the T6 open area excavation and turned the rest to mud making excavation impossible at times. We have managed 5 days on site thus far and have started making the extensions to T6 that will allow us to excavate the ancient water channel between two of the former lakes.

Prepping Trench 6 for the first clean back

To date, much of our time at the Kaims has been occupied with test pitting on slightly higher, drier ground. This has been a new experience for most of the students and I am sure they have found it quite a change from the rather less heavy labour the castle excavations usually offer.

Beth’s beautiful test pit

Cattitude got a bit of trench fever!

As an extra treat most of the students have had the opportunity to try some coring in the fields around the site with volunteer Matthew Ross, who has been undertaking a number of new transects across the site.

Neal, Graham and myself have been extremely pleased with the progress that all the students who have ventured to the Kaims are making both in terms of their excavation technique and recording. We are also pleased by the fact that many have been extremely keen to spend extra time on the project. This is extremely gratifying.

Thanks for the photos Beth and Cat.

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