BRP Trench Update

The BRP has been battling the changeable weather over the past few weeks but we continue to work hard in the trenches and enjoy our free time.

In both Trench 1 and 3 we have finally finished the ‘big clean’ and taken numerous trench shots. Planning is continuing apace and should be finished in both trenches today if the tornado hovering over the trenches decides to leave us alone for long enough.

Cleaning the metal-working building for a photo.

In Trench 3 the hammerscale sampling has been finished after 3 years. To see what this entails please click here. Over the next week or so we will undertake the removal of the metal-working building that has proved so interesting and the environmental sampling of our hearth feature. We expect lots of interesting finds from this area, which we will display here.

Trench 1 will continue to explore the multiple features that cut and re-cut the robber trench in the NE corner of the trench, whilst exploring the new stone building that has emerged in the SE corner. Buildings galore!

Trench 1 hard at work

On an evening we have been quizzing and venturing to the pub, plus a quids in for the football. (Come on Spain!!!!).

Intense quizzing

Jeffers throwing darts at unsuspecting pub goers. Megan loves it!

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