Join us at the BRP this Summer

Due to late cancellations there are now spaces for volunteers to sign up for excavation at Bamburgh Castle. The season is running until the 29th July 2012 and whether you are available for 1 week or the entire season everyone is welcome and encouraged to join us. Here are some statements from current students at the project:

‘Missing’ Dave – Hampshire.

“I couldn’t have been happier with my experience here. The atmosphere on the project is friendly and you’re made to feel welcome straight away by students and supervisors. The working day is the best possible environment to learn new skills. The supervision is direct and they’re always looking to help so you never feel scared about asking questions or letting them know what you think. The evenings are a perfect way to end the day whether it’s the quiz night or a trip to the pub you feel like you’re part of a family!”

Student of the week, Dave.

Eva – Brisbane, Australia

“I have really enjoyed my experience here. At the beginning of the season it was a fresh start for all the students; none of us knew each other and many of us are from other countries. We have all become good friends and are constantly comparing the differences between various things in our different countries. There have been many very amusing moments when an international like me has used the wrong term and made everyone laugh. I’ve learnt not to call trousers ‘pants’ or football ‘soccer’. BRP is a great learning atmosphere, I have learnt a lot about excavation, handling and sorting finds. The staff and directors all join in the fun of the evenings. Pub night and quiz nights are a great way to relax and get to know each other over a drink.”

Eva hard at work on our MASSIVE wall.

Bronwyn – Kaslo, Canada

“My experience with the Bamburgh Research Project is everything I expected and more. Coming from a small town from across the ocean, I have had no previous archaeological experience and in the short time I have spent with the BRP crew I have learnt a vast amount and continue to each day. Many of the students come from all over the world with varied educational backgrounds and a lot of the time we are learning from each other. With us all thrown together we have become a tight knit group that does everything together. From the moment I arrived on the campsite I was welcomed by the supervisors and directors of the project and very quickly everyone becomes close. Between the excavations during the day time, pub night, quiz night and trips into Seahouses there is never a dull moment. My favourite times here are when everyone is huddled close to keep warm or out of the rain, telling stories or just in general conversation at the campsite nestled in the English countryside with the Bamburgh Castle a beacon on the horizon.

Bromwyn and a scary scarecrow

Bamburgh Research Project is open to people aged 12 and over (under 16’s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian) and we welcome all experience levels, from newcomers to the subject through to professionals. We aim to accommodate special needs or requests where possible.

Children under 16 MUST be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

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