Finds Flash

Trench 1 had a lovely, if ambiguous, copper find this week. Suggestions for its use include a strap-end, a brooch, a horse or weapon fitting. Any ideas would be appreciated. Context 1309 is a possible floor surface, which dates to approx. the 11th century. However, this is still being investigated.

The leaf-shaped copper object

Reverse of object

The ‘back’ of the copper object.

4 thoughts on “Finds Flash

  1. Has anyone managed to suggest a date for the copper object? Anything more on those coins that have recently been excavated? Its all exciting stuff! Keep up the good work.

    • The context from which it comes has been provisionally dated to the 11th century although this is still being investigated.

      The most recent coin to feature is probably a Jetton dating to the 14/15th century.

      The earlier coin was dated to the reign of William the Conqueror. Please see earlier blog video for full details. enjoy!

  2. I’ll say all the obvious things! Without a scale and it being cleaned, it is difficult, but the depth of the attachment on the back of the object suggests it has been attached something fairly robust – leather or perhaps even wood. If leather and the fact that the piece is in a decorative shape it could be something like barding or belt fitting.

    • Thanks Moi. Sorry for no scale. We have them photographed at the end of the week but I thought I would post asap.

      I think your suggestion of an attachment or leather or wood is spot-on. We are looking on PAS for comparable examples.

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