The Bamburgh Village Coin Story

The video below demonstrates how we managed to date the coin that featured in one of our previous blog entries. Click here to read the post.

We are also trying to find out more information about this coin. Can anyone help with a date, mint etc?

The kings head in profile

Fleur de Lys on the reverse

4 thoughts on “The Bamburgh Village Coin Story

  1. hey there, good to see the season has kicked off well. I have a list of contacts for coin experts from my time at the British Museum coin summer school, i focused on Roman so I can’t identify it but I know guys who specialise in coins belonging to the successor kingdoms, if you need any contacts just get Neal to drop me a message on FB. Good luck for the rest of the season.

    • Hello I have just found this coin metal detecting today, I also can not find this coin anywhere and had taken my son with the brains on the Internet to after 9 full hours finding your coin

  2. Hi, did you ever manage to identify this coin ,I have managed to find myself one today , I know this post was along time ago but your picture is the only one I’ve found ,thanks

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