Bamburgh Castle Excavation

Work continues at the castle today, cleaning the trenches in preparation for digging proper.

Cleaning back in Trench 3

Lauren and her horn

Small finds include a styca coin, a blue bead and some objects yet to be identified (see below, maybe you can help!).

Our first styca coin of the season. In previous years we have had many, including a group that constituted a hoard.

Glass bead from T3 found by Josephine

Although we have this labelled as a bone ring we are not entirely sure what it is. We also found a couple last year. Any ideas?

4 thoughts on “Bamburgh Castle Excavation

  1. The questionable stone ring——-possibly a token for ( a game ) a piece to be strung on a counting/record keeping device ?
    Have you identified what the horn was used for?

  2. Its a horn core, so the bit left over when the horn is removed. Its tempting to imagine the horn making it up to the royal hall as a drinking vessel. Its just speculation, but its not unreasonable to imagine decorated drinking horns being manufactured in the West Ward.

  3. The bone ring looks the same as the 13th/14th century bone disks used to make Rosaries. Try googling paternoster beads or medieval rosaries. They vary from 5 or 6 mm through to about 12mm, for the biggest I’ve seen.

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