Meet the Staff of BRP 2012: Odds and Sods

Well today is our last installment of ‘Meet the Staff’. We have heard from both our onsite directors, the Kaims gang, plus Trench 1 and 3. So today we hear from our other members of staff who work on their own (sniff). Megan Taylor is our Environmental Supervisor, who processes all our soil samples. To see what this entails click here. We also hear from our new Media Supervisor, Joe Tong. To see what the the media department get up to click here. We finish with a few closing words from Paul Gething.


To see Megan’s staff profile from last year click here.

Ahh! BRP Summer Session 2012. The season of excavation, and the not-so-brief period each year spent sleeping in a tent, frolicking through the fields, and combing the beaches around Bamburgh. Good times, good times. And it’s almost here! A day away. (The procrastination stops tomorrow Jo! I promise this is the last thing I’ll put off for the season).

So, my hopes for this year…

As Environmental Supervisor, I’m in charge of organizing, processing, and cataloguing the environmental soil samples retrieved from the castle and Bradford Kaims excavations. I also teach anyone willing to help me about running the flot tank and processing soil samples. I would really love some enthusiastic individuals to commit to a week or two with Enviro!  hinthint. I can promise lots of hours sorting through backlog, weighing rocks, counting bones, and trying to determine whether a particular sample is grey-brown silty-sand or browny-grey sandy-silt. I can also promise you’ll find something exciting. Constance found the lovely gold decorative plate with me last year.

Initial photograph taken just after the object was found on site.

I hope to make a reference guide for the Environmental Archaeology with the aim of standardizing soil sample description sheets, and to help with identifying and describing common rock types. Additionally, if I have the time, I hope to reconfigure the BRP Envrionmental Database for ease of use and efficiency.

In terms of not-work, which is equally important, I can’t wait to see everyone! BRP Alumni and newbies both. I’m looking forward to barbecues, with accompanying “smithing”, pub nights, and seeing what the quiz prizes are this year. I’m craving pudding at the Castle Pub.

As always, I’m extremely excited to be back. Bamburgh is a magical place where we just happen to get some work done and frequently learn something new (if not everyday, then several times a week). I hope this holds true for this year. Oh, and I hope for Goldilocks weather.


Joe is a new member of staff, so no profile as yet.

I’m looking forward to working with Gerry continuing creating a video archive but also the the shorter videos are hopefully going to be a chance to get creative and stick a camera into more people’s faces (all for the good of the project of course). These shorter videos will hopefully disseminate some of the amazing archaeology and the social side of BRP in a format that is easier to manage from an editing point-of-view and easier for a viewer to take in. From a personal stand-point I will have handed in my last ever piece of university work 5 days prior to arriving at Bamburgh so I’m looking forward to just having a stress and guilt free time.

Filming under way in T3

We will also be joined by Kirstie Watson, who returns as our Finds Supervisor. To see her staff profile from last year click here.

I finish the thread with a few words from Paul Gething, Project Director.

“What I want to do on my holidays. By Paul Gething. This year on my hillibobs I want to find some flint, find out if people really did live in holes in the ground and find the tunnel to Bamburgh castle.” I hope Paul’s dreams come true.

The dig starts on Monday and I will be there to capture all the discoveries and fun, so stay tuned. To all those coming to Bamburgh this year, see you soon!

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