Meet the Staff of the BRP 2012: Bradford Kaims

As part of the lead up to the 2012 dig season I have asked my fellow BRP staff members to give me a few lines about their hopes for the archaeology and the project as a whole in 2012. We have already heard from Gerry and Graeme, our Project Directors, so today we hear from the Bradford Kaims staff. This trio consists of Archaeology Supervisors, Graham Dixon and Neal Lythe, plus Assistant Supervisor, Jackie Scott.

View of the wetland site


To see Graham’s staff profile from last year click here

While daunting at first, and confusing to the last, I have always been drawn to the Kaims from my first year with the BRP. Now another season approaches and the excitement starts to build. Needless to say with the staff and setup, this year promises to be the best year yet for the Bradford Kaims (bold statement, I know). The interest that has built around the site over the last year has been phenomenal. More than I imagined it would at the end of last season. This can only mean good things for the Bradford Kaims. I am hoping it will allow us to be allocated more tools and students on a regular basis!

Neal and Jackie are welcome members to the Kaims staff. Jackie worked on the Kaims before even me, and I know Neal’s background at the Castle will not bias him against the glorious prehistory.  I know Jackie will be the same as me, wanting to put those damned paved stones into some sort of broader context, i.e. “what the hell are they?!”

Graham unearthing the unusual stone feature in 2010

Most of all, I am looking forward (there I said it) to teaching all you new and enthusiastic students with a thirst for knowledge. The ones we still have from last year seem to be all worn out…


To see Neal’s profile from last year click here

I’m looking forward to this season, as it will be opening a new chapter in my Bamburgh experience. After 7 wonderful years of working in the Castle and 6 years as a supervisor in Trench 1, I will be moving onto all things pre-historic at the Bradford Kaims. Its a new challenge for me as I will be over-seeing the running of the Bradford Kaims excavation on a day to day basis, this is due to the fact that this year we will be opening up more trenches over a wider area. I am looking forward to working with Graham and Jackie and I know we will make a great team and have some crazy archaeological experiences along the way, getting ourselves entrenched in archaeology.

This year we will have a brand new site office in the form of a bell tent, something which a certain Mr Dixon would have seen as a God-send during last seasons excavations. I will also be in charge of the Kaims own mode of transport, as the power that is the Blue Landrover is back to do the Kaims’ bidding and power through the dirt to get to site.

This season is going to be epic and I cant wait to see what the Kaims and the Castle produce this season. Awesome!!!


Jackie is one of our new members of staff, so he doesn’t have a profile…….yet.

Looking forward to getting to grips with all the new developments that have been going on at the Kaims since I was last there. Particularly keen to see some clarification of what might be going on in T6, which I helped open two years ago. The exact nature of that stone feature has been bugging me all that time! Also looking forward to opening more test pits to see what else we can find under all that clay. Beyond that I am pleased to be have the opportunity to spend a full season on the project rather than the few weeks I have managed the last couple of years and finally being able to leave essays, seminars and dissertations behind me when I complete my degree shortly before the season starts.

Well it sounds like the Kaims has a good team this year and we will be blogging and tweeting as we dig to keep you all up to date.

2 thoughts on “Meet the Staff of the BRP 2012: Bradford Kaims

  1. I forgot about Neal’s landy. Took a trip in the back of it from the site to the farmhouses last year hanging on for dear life. I think my insides have only recently returned to their original locations after that experience.

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