Aerial Photography from the Bradford Kaims

Horizon AP have been back out at Hoppen Hall Farm and the Kaims Wetland site as part of the Bradford Kaims Wetland Heritage Research Project.

Horizon AP have spent time filming the area from an aerial cam. To see the process in action click here.  You can also take a look at the work they have already undertaken by clicking here. The video below comes from their first tester flight.

Link for video

Recent Work

The images below are from the most recent flight above the site and show the wetland topography, the open area excavation of the features dated to 4500-4000 BC and the trenches situation amongst this interesting landscape.

Embleton Bog

View of the target area

Aerial view of the open area trench with the new extension to the left

View of the trench and test pits with Embleton's Bog in the distance. Note the edge of the peat in the trench.

Relationship between archaeological features and the natural topography are made clear in this image.

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