Odds and Ends

A few odds and ends to start the week.

The Bradford Kaims Wetland Heritage Research Project had a nice write up in The Journal. To take a look at the article click here.

The BRP staff and volunteers were back out at the wetland site last Wednesday extending the large trench with the flagged surface and burnt area, as well as opening a new test trench. To find out about further volunteer opportunities please  click here.

Volunteers have also been posting their own images of the work at the wetland site. Here are a few select images courtesy of Ruth Brewis.

Coring in action

Opening a new test trench

Extending the open area trench with the flagged surface feature

Finally we would like to draw your attention to another archaeology blog based on the Street House Excavation in NE Yorkshire, run by Steve Sherlock. The blog states that “This is a site devoted to presenting the latest information about the Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Street House, north east Yorkshire. The site will also update the reader on the broader history and archaeology of the area. There will be information about finds from the excavations and details of where to see the finds, further excavations, lectures and publications.” If you are interested in reading this blog please follow the link


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