3 thoughts on “Community Project Competition

  1. I wish you had entered a scene of one of your outreach programs–such as the Middle School Students filming.
    That would have been very effective with teachers in Middle School up to Upper School
    I did forward that along with the blog request to a local private school that has both Middle School and Upper School students
    Have no idea what the response may have been

    Several staff members at that school are active in the local AIA society.

    My own favorite is the reconstruction of the Anglo-Saxon Chair
    I forwarded that to others who were in my Art History classes at Kemper Hall in Kenosha Wisconsin
    Thank you for entering this year
    Valerie Forster-Gorski

    • Dear Valerie,

      Thanks for your comment and thanks for your support, it is much appreciated.

      I did think about using the clip of the children but I did not have the parents permission, so I thought it best to go with something else.
      Whatever the outcome of the competition we have had a lot of activity on the blog and twitter site, which has generated lots of interest.

      I am particularly pleased you liked the chair reconstruction, as that is something I was personally involved with and had a great time designing.


      • I am so pleased that you entered the contest this year.
        I have been trying to get the local AIA Society interested–with no luck.
        Hopefully–this will help
        Unfortunately– I have been unable to watch the BBC –Time Team presentations ( especially of the Chair )

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