Wetland Sites

Here at the Bamburgh Research Project we have been working at a wetland site, The Bradford Kaims, for the last two years. We will be returning again this year, as we have received HLF and English Heritage funding under the banner Bradford Kaims Wetland Heritage Research Project, as reported here previously. Click here for more information

Trial trench from the Kaims site, 2010

Our work at the Kaims has so far unearthed worked tools dating back to the Mesolithic, a burnt area and flagged surface dating to 4500-4000 BC and excellent preservation of organic material including wood and bone. Click here for our most recent update

We are still in the very early stages of our project and we hope for much more from future seasons. The following video is a recent report from another wetland site at Starr Carr, in North Yorkshire. This site has been excavated sporadically since 1948 and, therefore, offers us an insight into the different techniques we may need to undertake to successfully excavate, record and conserve the site, as well as indicting some of the possible material culture and environmental data we may unearth.


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