Happy New Year and some odds-and-ends

Here at the BRP we just wanted to say a Happy New Year to all those who faithfully follow our blog. Furthermore, we reached 15,000 hits before the end of 2011, so thank you for all your support.

Secondly, the BRP have recently published our interim report on the metal-working building and styca hoard discovered in Trench 3. Written by archaeology supervisor, John Castling,  and Project Director, Graeme Young, the piece appears in the 2011 journal Medieval Archaeology, Volume 55.

The metalworking building which features in the interim report.

Finally, one of our eagle eyed students, Mathias, spotted another community project who are also re-excavating the work of Dr Brian Hope-Taylor, who we have been discussing in our previous blog posts. If you would like to take a look at this project in Surrey, follow the links:  Click here to visit a newspaper report and click here for background to the dig.

Please stay with us in 2012, as we will have posts about the on-going work at the Bradford Kaims and information regarding opportunities to volunteer with the project. Furthermore, we will keep you updated regarding the 2012 digging season at the castle, plus plenty of stories and snippets from previous seasons and other relevant information. If anyone has any ideas about things they would like to know, do get in touch.

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