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The BRP are actively working to get our interim data into the public domain. Consequently, we have created a hub on our website where we will be posting downloadable pdf reports of our work. This space will also list our publications that have appeared in print, both in books and journals. The first of these reports can be found by following the link and a short synopsis of each can be found below.

Publications on the BRP website

The BRP undertook a survey of Bamburgh Village together with excavation work in the chapel of the castle’s Inner Ward and the area of the village in 2003/4. The work was undertaken as part of the ongoing investigation of Bamburgh’s environs. The two excavations undertaken as part of this process are separately reported and the results of the general survey, which comprised geophysical survey, field walking and a trial trench are listed in the report below. The first of these reports is now available to download.


This survey report contains the results of a substantial body of geophysics, predominately gradiometry, which has revealed a landscape, in and around the village, densely populated with anomalies. One of the most interesting of these anomalies, nicknamed the ‘Bamburgh Egg’ was subject to field walking and a single trial trench was excavated over a further anomaly identified as a good candidate for part of the medieval hospital, the exact site of which is not certainly known.

Geophys analysis from the report
The local volunteers field-walking around Bamburgh village

The second report will appear shortly.

Chapel of St. Oswald, Bamburgh Castle, Archaeological Trial Trenching Report

The report details the results of a trial trench investigation undertaken within the chapel in the Inner Ward of Bamburgh Castle. The work was prompted by the results of resistivity and ground penetrating radar survey that indicated the presence of structural anomalies within the body of the chapel. In particular the the results of the radar survey that hinted at an underground structure within the chapel that could conceivably have been a crypt.

The results of the trial trenches disprove the presence of a crypt but have revealed structures associated with the medieval chapel and part of what appears to be a masonry structure of pre-chapel date.

This area of our website will be updated throughout the year, so please check back on a regular basis for new reports and information

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