Behind the Scenes with Horizon AP at the Bradford Kaims

Project Director, Graeme Young, gives us a peek into the kit needed to produce the aerial footage shot by Horizon AP, as discussed in the last blog post.

Behind the Scenes

If you have enjoyed looking at the aerial video shot as a test by Horizon AP, perhaps you will also enjoy a brief look behind the scenes. It was certainly impressive to see how small the aerial vehicle was when you consider how versatile it is and also very impressive to see the real time feed coming down to the laptop that allows them to position the vehicle to take the high resolution images.

A short video taken on a mobile phone shows the vehicle coming down to land in its auto-return mode (see below). I think it shows its versatility as all it seems to need is a modest area of stable flat ground to set up and fly from. We look forward to future flights when we can concentrate on the site area and map the earthworks around the farm.

The machine that captures all the footage before take off.

This is the hub from which the machine is controlled.

Click the link to watch the machine landing, after capturing images from above Hoppen, near the Bradford Kaims.

Click here

2 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes with Horizon AP at the Bradford Kaims

  1. Have seen a similar machine in action at a dig in Scotland last year. Took some lovely snaps of our trenches including one with me vanishing headfirst down a bloody massive posthole.

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