A New Partnership: The BRP and Horizon AP

The BRP has had the pleasure of working with Horizon Aerial Photography over the last few weeks. The company specialise in providing low altitude aerial photography, video and data acquisition. website:http://www.horizonap.com/

The founders of the company Paddy Davies and Jack Wrangham  have taken time to explain their involvement with the BRP.

“Horizon AP is proud to be helping the Bamburgh Research Project in facilitating its important work into recording and understanding the rich heritage of Northumberland.  By using the systems to carry out low altitude video assessments of the area around Hoppen they hope to help the team better specify suitable locations for carrying out archaeological digs on what is a large and expansive site.  They will also be using a larger system for carrying out an intensive high definition photographic survey of the complete site using automated photogrammetry software.  By stitching together high resolution images they will be able to offer a rich and detailed map of the entire site that would not otherwise be possible without the use of a helicopter.

Horizon AP is looking forward to working with Gerry and his team over the coming months leading up and into the new season of digging in Summer 2012.”

Here is the first video recorded over Hoppen near the Bradford Kaims site, where we have unearthed evidence dating to the Mesolithic period (see earlier blog entries for full information about this site and the work being undertaken there).


Still from the video

Still from Video looking over Hoppen

Still from Hoppen

Project Director, Gerry Twomey says  “We’re really excited to be working with Paddy and Jack (the founders of Horizon AP). The ability to see high quality aerial photographs and work with the guys to focus on specific areas of interest is really going to add a lot to our knowledge of the complex landscape around the Bradford Kaims, and we hope the video elements will also be of interest to the general public getting involved in the project. If we can locate some potential sites by identifying crop marks or earthworks, it would be a great start to the project.”

Here on the blog, we will keep you updated on this interesting partnership and the results it generates over the coming months.

3 thoughts on “A New Partnership: The BRP and Horizon AP

  1. Well thats some great footage of the farm there. And some of a great big juicy flat plowed field of a type I dreamed of when carrying out dissertation fieldwork on nasty overgrown irregular rough grazing areas with cows eating my survey flags (many of which still have bite marks and cow slobber all over them) and horses chasing my volunteers. Happy happy days.

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