Director, Paul Gething, features in the September issue of TGO Magazine

Paul Gething is one of four directors at the BRP. He joined the BRP in 1998 and oversaw the excavations, with a particular focus on Trench 3 and the retrieval of the Hope-Taylor archives. However, Paul’s primary interest is actually in the prehistoric landscape, as well as metal working and archaeological practice. He is currently co-writing a book about Northumbria and it’s lost kingdom.

This month Paul features in an article in the outdoors magazine TGO (The Great Outdoors), in which he discusses the archaeology that is all around us, but which we often overlook on a day-to-day basis. He uses the area around Bamburgh Castle and the Mesolithic site at the Bradford Kaims as his exemplar landscape. This is part of TGO’s broader ‘Ways of Seeing’ article thread.

Paul featuring in the TGO article ‘History Under Your Feet’.

To visit the TGO website follow the link

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