Paxton Before the House Project

Students and staff from the Bamburgh Research Project have joined forces with the community based project Paxton Before the House, which is currently under way within the grounds of Paxton House in the Scottish borders and just down the road at Fishwick.

Paxton House in the sunshine
Students and staff enjoying their new digs
Students playing lacrosse with fishing nets, dubbed ‘Pondcrosse’

The project runs most weekends depending on weather and has a core-team of volunteers and staff. However, over the next month the excavations will run throughout the week.

Currently the students from the Bamburgh Research Project are excavating a large mound, which has been described as a defensive feature from the Civil War. However, its landscape location suggests this is unlikely as it would have been strategically un-viable. Excavation will hopefully give us a better idea of what is going on in this area.

Students and local volunteers open up the trench to explore the mound feature.

On the Fishwick site work continues to excavate two cist burials and unearth the Norman chapel that is known to reside beneath the present structure. For further information on this site and other places the project has investigated check out the project blog

Work will continue over the next 12 months in the hope of uncovering the many different types of settlements evident in the border region of Northumberland and Scotland.

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