End of Season

Today is the last official working day for the excavations at Bamburgh Castle. Half our party are en route to the Paxton Before the House excavations just a hop over the Scottish border, the rest are here with me in the Castle finishing the last of the archaeological recording and prepping the site for the membrane that will cover the excavations over the off-season. Efforts in the castle today have been heroic as we have been battling the wind. The afternoon has mainly consisted of sand-bagging but moral has remained high. Check out the link for our students in action. Sorry for the quality but you get the gist.


Lucy, Grace, Tim and Elisia working their socks off
T and Sean pretending they are not having a whale of a time

As the season draws to end it is time to reflect on the work achieved in the past two months. Over the next few weeks I will be posting the end of season reports for Trench 3, 1 and the Bradford Kaims. I will also be finishing the Archaeology 101 introduction and following the work of the Paxton Project, as many of our students and staff will be involved with this for most of August.

We also have forthcoming publications due out in the next 12 months, all of which will be posted here. I am also hoping to have a series of blog entries regarding the Bowl Hole cemetery. This is an Anglo-Saxon, final phase burial site located in the sand dunes just south of the castle. The Bamburgh Research project began here in 1996 and the work undertaken is now been compiled by ex- BRP student, Dr Sarah Groves.

Please stay with the blog over the off-season and we will bring you lots of interesting information from the world of archaeology.

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