New pottery type uncovered at Bamburgh

Medieval pottery expert, Jenny Vaughan, identified a unusual type of pottery within the Bamburgh Castle assemblage, which she did not recognise as belonging to established typologies. This has subsequently been dubbed ‘Bamburgh Ware’.

The pottery is thick based with thinning walls as it rises, it has a pimply texture and external ribs. There is a splash glaze on the internal sides and base which is inconsistent in its coverage. It dates to approximately the 12th century.

A not insubstantial quantity has been excavated from Trench 1 and its close proximity suggested that we may be dealing with semi-complete pottery vessels. With this in mind, some of the more patient members of staff set about piecing these fragments together. Below is the results. Apologies for the quality of the images, caravan lighting is not the best!

Base of the ‘Bamburgh Ware’ pot
We used masking tape to hold the pottery in place
Side piece of the ‘Bamburgh Ware’

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