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Today you get to hear from me, the voice of the blog.


Name: Joanne Kirton

Position: Trench 3 supervisor

Responsibilities at the project? My primary responsibilities at the project revolve around the day-to-day running of Trench 3. Trench 3 consists of the areas excavated by Brain Hope-Taylor in the 70’s and the BRP trench opened in 2002, the aim of which was to marry-up the stratigraphy in both trenches thus affording us some insight into the unpublished Hope-Taylor archives. I direct the excavation and recording process within the trench and teach the skills of excavation and recording to the many students who pass through the project every year. My other primary role revolves around communicating the projects progress via the internet, i.e. maintaining the twitter and facebook accounts, writing the blog and cajoling others into contributing.

 How did you get involved with the project? I first came to Bamburgh in 2005 as part of my undergraduate degree at Durham. Since then I seem to have been something of a jack of all trades, working as a finds assistant in 2007, the chapel supervisor in 2008, the Bradford Kaims supervisor in 2010 and now the T3 supervisor. I was also involved in the design and production of the Anglo-Saxon throne simulation that now sits in the grounds of Bamburgh Castle.

What do you do out of the season? Out of season I am currently in the second year of my PhD at Chester, exploring the early medieval monumental landscapes of the North West. This research focuses on the use of biograpy, memory and agency as tools that shape the physical and cognitive landscape. I also work as a visiting lecturer and demonstrator for the universities History and Archaeology department. Finally, I am currently involved in editing a book and writing a number of articles for publication.

Hopes for the rest of the season? By the end of the season I hope to have brought some of the more neglected areas in Trench 3 (Hope-Taylors baulk A, the NW and NE corners) to contemporaneous levels with the rest of the trench. Hopefully we will finish the Hammerscale sampling so this can be sent for analysis in the off-season. One of the major aims is to sure-up some of the section sides which have begun to de-stabilise due to the changeable weather we have had this season.

Anything you would like to add? I have had a fabulous season so far, mainly due to the hard work and banter from staff and students alike. Long may it last.

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