Find of the Day and X-rays

T3 had a lovely find this morning. Work has begun to excavate the environs of a wall that seperates the main trench from the Hope-Taylor baulk, left in-situ since the 1970’s. About ten minutes into the excavation, Jess found a lovely blade situated amongst the stone wall masonry blocks.

The blade as it came out of the ground.

Jess modelling her find

The blade has a distinct triangular profile and a good part of the tang is visible. Hopefully, amongst the corrosion, there maybe something of the scabbard surviving, which we will pick-up on x-ray.

The blade

The blade in profile

At the Bamburgh Research Project we are in the process of x-raying all the metal finds that we have found to date (there are a lot!). This will enable us to see past the corrosion and better understand the forms of these objects and identify possible decoration, ware patterns and manufacturing techniques.

Several finds that have been x-rayed including buckles, coins and blades

X-rayed finds include buckles, shears and a girdle hanger

These are examples of they type of detail apparent on an x-ray.

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