Staff Profile

Today we hear from our second director, Gerry Twomey.

Gerry Twomey

Name: Gerard Twomey
Position: Project Director

Responsibilities at the project: Graeme and I manage the project currently. Aside from the logistics of the project, I run the media side of things, ensuring the site continues to be filmed effectively. This year I have been able to concentrate on editing a film based on excavations at Bamburgh Castle, to the effect that it’s looking like I will have a ‘narrative cut’ completed by the end of the season. Graeme, Kristian Pedersen and I have also been working on funding applications. When the season is over for this year we’ll be looking at further funding opportunities to deal primarily with post excavation and outreach.

How did you get involved with the project? I got involved with the project in 2000, having completed an MA at the Northern Film School. I was looking for a project to do and in the meantime I was doing some commercial archaeology, where I met Paul Gething. Paul and I discussed the potential of filming in archaeology and he invited me up to the Bamburgh Research Project to see if filming was a viable option. Evidently it was, because I’m still here today, and we have an archive of over 1200 hours of digital video of the excavations.

What do you do out of season? Out of season I tend to do a lot of the advertising for the upcoming season, producing posters and more editing as well as some website updates and preparing funding applications. I work in commercial archaeology mainly for BRP’s commercial section but also for other companies, and very occasionally do some film related jobs. Graeme and I also work with Kristian Pedersen on the Paxton Before the House Community Archaeology Project.

Hopes for the rest of the season: By the end of the season I hope to have completed a cut of my film that will define the narrative -so that I no longer have to add in bits and pieces and that it all makes a logical sense. If it all flows smoothly and stays under 2 and a half hours I’ll be happy. The chances are, I’ll keep this as a master cut for project members, and in the months that follow I’ll whittle this down to a more reasonable length for public broadcast. Then the post production process will really begin and I’ll be looking for producing partners to take it further.

Anything you would like to add? The project couldn’t run without the dedicated team of professional volunteers, post-grad students and undergraduates who make up the core staff, and I am extremely proud of our current team who have worked hard this season and produced excellent results.


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