Over the course of yesterday T3 had unearthed a series of interesting finds. As we were readying ourselves to pack up and head home, Constance found a fragment of intricately decorated gold which surpasses anything we have found to date.

Initial photograph taken just after the object was found on site. Des Taylor.
The reverse side. Des Taylor.
Constance with her find

After site director, Graeme Young, had picked himself of the trench floor he was able to take some time to give us his preliminary thoughts about this special find.

“The gold plaque is decorated with tiny beads of gold and spiral patterns. It is breathtaking in its complexity.

It is very similar to a smaller gold plaque that was recovered from T3 in 2008″.

It was found in the NW corner of the trench, which is currently the focus of excavation in the trench this season. The deposit mainly consisted of oyster and mussel shell mixed with silt.

Graeme being interviewed by Gerry and new media student, Joe.

Other finds from the day included a blue glass bead and a potential arrow head with organic material adhering to it.

Potential arrow head

Glass beads from T3

Some may say that Alex Stevens closing comments on his staff profile interview were a little premature after T3 trounced T1 yesterday! Just saying ……

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