Staff Profile

Today we get to know a little bit more about Graeme Young, our longest surviving staff member.

Graeme Young with Bamburgh Castle in the background

Name: Graeme Young
Position: Project Director

Responsibilities at the project: As a Director you become a bit of a Jack of All Trades involved in management and dealing with problems that arise, but fundamentally I am in charge of the archaeological direction and interpretation within the project.

How did you get involved with the project? Many moons ago, the winter of 1996/97 in fact, Phil Wood and I had the bright idea of asking Lady Armstrong if we could do some archaeology within and around the castle as it is such an important archaeological site it seemed overdue for some modern research. I doubt either of us had a clue what we had started, but I am very glad that we did and that Lady Armstrong and her son Francis have been so supporting.

What do you do out of season?
We are involved in a further research project at Paxton House (the Paxton before the House Project) as well as having an increasing involvement with the wetland site at the Kaims that we are building up as a community project. The management of the castle project and its publication programme take up much of the rest of the winter along with a limited involvement with some commercial archaeology work.

Hopes for the rest of the season:
I would like to resolve some of the interpretation issues around the two buildings in Trench 1, particularly useful would be some unambiguous dating evidence so we are not completely reliant on 14C assay, and a clear understanding of the form of the structures. Just a couple of halls or is there scope for the stone building to have been something more substantial. Trench 3 is easier to understand now than it has been in years, but I would still like to be greedy and hope to find some additional structures to go with the building identified last year. Also our putative tower in the corner of the site proving to be real would be very exciting, even if unlikely.

Anything you would like to add?
My thanks to the staff and students who I think have been doing an outstanding job this year.

Thank you Graeme. Next time Trench 1 Assistant Supervisor, Alex Stevens, spills the beans.

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