Trench 3 Update

Trench 3 is progressing nicely at the moment. Work on Hope-Taylor’s Baulk A continues apace. Currently we are excavating through the context 3331 which we believe to be a midden deposit from around the 9th century.

Stef, Nina and Josh courageously excavating through MEGA context 3331.

There is a copious amount of animal bone within the deposit, as well as lots of shell and charcoal.

Just a tiny amount of the bulk finds from 3331

Small finds have been coming thick and fast, which is not unexpected in a midden context. Finds include a possible cauldron fragment, a bone comb and several early stycas.

Bone comb from context 3331

Features are also beginning to emerge from the rubble wall collapse, including several further stone linear features and a possible later, intrusive post-pit. Over the next week we intend to finish the excavation of context 3331, photograph and plan the area, and begin to marry-up the baulk with the Hope-Taylor trench to the north.

Elsewhere in the trench work has started on the neglected NW corner. This area has a large wall with a rubble fill running SW to NE. The layers abutting the wall appear to be related to a burning event including an area of roasted ore, which we have excavated and from which we have taken a 100% sample for environmental processing. We were also able to excavate what we believe is a burnt out post-hole in the same vicinity which sat within the same area of burning. We are currently recording the archaeology in plan and through photographs, excavation will continue to explore the mortar layer on which this all sits, and which abuts the wall running SW to NE across the trench.

Assistant Supervisor Dan, Belen and Ewald cleaning the NW corner for a photo finish

Finally the new sondage we excavated to marry up the BRP’s Trench 8 and Hope-Taylor’s Trench 1 has been able to distinguish the backfill from both. Work will now begin on joining the archaeology in these trenches with the main BRP trench so we can better understand the stratigraphy in both.

The sondage edge during excavation by Natalie, whilst Letitia and Jeff film the action
Trench Three’s resident giant, Thom, sieving the loose from the sondage

Over the next three weeks we will also be undertaking some major DIY endeavours; mainly bolstering up our section sides. Graeme has made a start today by creating some steps, which is something of a novelty!

Graeme making me some lovely steps for T3

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