Staff Profiles

Over the coming weeks I will peppering the blog with staff profiles so you can all see what kind of people, experience and backgrounds shape the project every year. We begin with Kirstie Watson, our acting Finds Supervisor (as she was the first to respond).

Miss Kirstie Watson

Name: Kirstie Watson
Position: Acting Finds Supervisor

Responsibilities at the project: I run the Finds Department, and I am responsible for processing all of the finds once they come out of the ground. This involves a lot of databasing in the windmill, but I get to see all the amazing things we find!

How did you get involved with the project? When I was 16 I was looking around universities to see whether or not I should study archaeology, and an Oxford student recommended coming to Bamburgh to give archaeology a go! In 2007 I stayed for 2 weeks, and I never left!

What do you do out of season? I’m just about to graduate from Durham University, and next year I’m going to be studying a Masters in Palaeopathology at Durham. Outside work I really enjoy organising social events for my college at Durham, and I have done a lot of charity work.

Hopes for the rest of the season: To find some more SHINY finds! To keep up to date with post-excavation processing! And to get a bracelet out of the boys new forging hobby!

Anything else you would like to add? The Bamburgh Research Project is the reason I fell in love with archaeology, it’s an incredible site and we are all so lucky to be working here with such an amazing group of people!

Thanks Kirstie. Next time, TV’s own Graeme Young.

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