The Media Department

The media department at the Bamburgh Research Project follows the day to day activities of the project, recording them through photography and film. Over the past ten years the project has built up an extensive archive, documenting the work and discoveries at the castle and its environs.

Media student Tom teaching archaeology students, Constance and Letia, how to film on the trench side.
Tom interviewing students as they excavate in Trench 3

The recording does not stop with the archaeology as the media department also records the social side of the project, interviewing staff members and students alike in order to document the many people who have contributed to the project over the years. This will permit future generations an insight into the ideas, methodologies, debates and personalities that shaped the recording of the site; allowing for a reflexive analysis of the project as a whole.

Director of Media, Gerry Twomey, is currently putting together a film based on the history of excavation undertaken at Bamburgh Castle, which began with Brain Hope-Taylor in the 1960’s. The film will also document how the Bamburgh Research Project came into existence and developed over time.

This will add to the growing body of work the media department has produced over the years. There are a number of short student films and updates online many of which can be found on the Bamburgh Research Project website and on youtube.

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