Hammerscale Sampling

Hammerscale sampling has been resumed this year. We are taking samples from 20cm squares across the entirety of Trench 3 in order to build a picture of where metal-working may have been undertaken during the 9th century. This is a long-process but will potentially wield extremely useful results such as the site of the forge.

Tom and Dorcas taking hammerscale samples from T3

The individual samples taken from the trench are bagged and labelled so a trench plan can be built of areas of metal-working

A preliminary examination of the hammerscale by David Sim identified magnetic residue in the samples.

Once examined under a digital microscope he found there was hammerscale and a small amount of spheres. These spheres are indicative of high-temperature forging.


The thinking on site is that this area may have been used for re-cycling metal and possibly re-forging iron. However, a more extensive investigation is required before these ideas can be built upon.

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