Finds Update

Below is a summary of the small finds from the first two weeks of excavation.

Curved iron object with organic material adhering to the surface from the NW corner of T3

Below is the possible pendant discovered in T1, as described by Alex in the previous post.

The 'Thor's hammer' from Trench 1

Bone needle from Trench 3

Quern Stone from Baulk A

Copper strap-end from T1

Copper ring from T3

More photos and info to foll0w

5 thoughts on “Finds Update

  1. It is a bit of a working title. The truth is we don’t know what this is. Its general shape is reminiscent of such pendants but the attachment seems to be at the wrong end and it is rather small. Broadly the right kind of date though.

  2. That’s quite a fascinating collection of finds! The ‘Thor’s Hammer’ looks rather tool-like to me (though I confess I’m looking at the pic on a tiny, faily low res screen).

  3. The Thors hammer may be a pagan-christian pendant? The person may have been hedging both ways when in a social context?

    That bone needle is interesting, do we have a scale for it? It would seem that any sewing made with it would result with a huge hole in the weave where the head of the needle went thru.
    I love the finds by the way, very exciting. Wish I could help!!!

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