Environmental Processing

The environmental processing is up and running thanks to the efforts of our Assistant Supervisor Megan.

Every year the project takes a multitude of samples from various contexts in the hope that tiny amounts of seeds, molluscs, wood, charcoal etc. are preserved within. These are processed through a siraf tank which floats of organic material which are then dried and processed.

This is part of the siraf tank where the fine residue is captured in a sieve for processing.

Today Megan began work on the samples taken from the wetland site at the Bradford Kaims. Finds to date suggest that there was activity on the site dating back to the Mesolithic. The soil samples were taken from a waterlogged peat layer, which had a large volume of preserved organic material. Processing so far has indicated that we have good survival of plant species.

One of the large preserved branches from the sample

The heavy residue from the first of the samples in its mesh bag

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