A lovely find and a productive BBQ

Monday was a very productive day both on and off the site. We were able to get Trench 3 cleaned and photographed. Some of the images will be used in the forthcoming publication based around the styca hoard and the building in which it was found. Whilst finishing the cleaning, Assistant Supervisor Megan, unearthed a very crisp Anglo-Saxon broach from context 3278.

This is the broach fresh out of the trench en route to the finds office

In the evening we had a lovely BBQ with copious amounts of burgers, sausages, their veggie equivalents and red velvet cake.

As always the BRP forging team got to work creating some useless item. Last year they were solely responsible for the spoon shortage, which they tried to remedy by smelting a fork into a spoon. See the ‘interesting’ outcome below, known as the foon.

The BRP forging team pleased with their new trowel

The foon

However, last night proved something of a success and I am now wearing a rather fetching nail-come-bracelet.

My new bracelet

3 thoughts on “A lovely find and a productive BBQ

  1. That brooch is lovely – what a great way to start the week!

    And the foon! I do think fondly of the foon, even if it has no practical use (no matter what they tell you, it was useless for making tea). Their skills have clearly improved since last year if your bracelet is anything to go by!

    Also – red velvet cake? Get you.

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