Carved Stone and Archaeomagnetic Dating

An update from BRP Director Graeme Young:

The stone slab that was thought could very well be sculpted was taken to Durham for conservation and examination at the end of the season. Sadly once it was cleaned and properly examined by the experts, it was found to be almost certainly of natural origin, representing a type of fossil common in sedimentary rock on the northern part of the east coast of Britain. We held off publishing immediately as we were not sure if it would make it into the final edit for the Time Team episode that featured the BRP and was broadcast in late April in the UK. We didn’t want to spoil the moment of discovery as filmed! Although sad in a way it is an important part of research. Any theory is only as good as the evidence and new or better information often forces us to revise our thoughts I am sure there is every chance of finding the genuine article in the future and we will certainly be keeping our eyes peeled.

We also mentioned the archaeomagnetic dating samples that were taken on the stone surface uncovered at the Kaims site last season. We have the dates back and they are really exciting as it seems that the strange stone ‘platform’ dates back to 4000-4500 BC! We will certainly be expanding the trench to put this feature into a wider context during he summer season that is nearly upon us.

Our first days back on site at the castle will be the weekend of the 28th and 29th of May. The plan being to start to get our offices back into operation and start the process of cleaning the site up ready for work.

I hope may of you caught the Time Team episode on Bamburgh. As ever with TV its a bit of a snapshot of a much larger subject, but I thought they did a good job and some of the shots were pretty spectacular! I should add if anyone has any questions about the programme then do add a comment and we will do our best to answer them!

4 thoughts on “Carved Stone and Archaeomagnetic Dating

  1. is there anyway to see the Bamburgh time team episode in the US? the video from their website is not operable in the States. Any other ideas? Thx. Can anyone send us a link to a video, youtube or otherwise?

  2. I think websites like Channel 4 are bocked to users outside the UK. All may not be lost though as I think Time Team may play on BBC America, so it may be a case of waiting for a transmission date.

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