Paxton Before the House Community Research Project

Paxton Before the House is a new community interest project that has been set up to investigate the history and archaeology of Paxton and the surrounding landscape.

Paxton House is located in Berwick-upon-Tweed in the Scottish Borders. It sits on the banks of the River Tweed, and was built in 1758.

This new project aims to investigate the landscape to locate some of the early settlements that existed in the parish of Hutton. Archaeologists from the Bamburgh Research Project and Edinburgh University will be working with local organisations and volunteers to uncover new evidence about life in this important landscape.

Members of the community are invited to take part in various aspects of the work, including some ‘hands on’ archaeology, where volunteers can dig at a variety of sites from prehistoric promontory forts to traces of the early origins of ‘fermtouns’ (literally ‘farm town’, a collection of buildings occupied by farm workers).

Paxton Before the House hopes to be able to show continuity between the prehistoric landscape and the present farm land.

The project is currently seeking volunteers to get involved in every aspect of the archaeological research at Paxton. If you would like to take part, you can get in touch by:

Telephone: 01289 386 291
Post: Paxton Before the House Volunteers, Paxton House, Berwick-upon-Tweed, TD15 1SZ

We’ll bring you more details about Paxton Before the House as the project goes on. We’re really pleased to be involved in such an exciting new project in Northumberland!

2 thoughts on “Paxton Before the House Community Research Project

  1. I am very interested in a part of my heritage that inludes ‘paxton house’ The Paxtons are ‘Beorciinian’, who inhabited east of Scotland and are part Pictish, Dutch and German hence Van de paec (ton – German- ‘settlement of”) We are part scottish aristo. from 14th,century and hold a leading part in the ‘border-lands’. Please advise to the origins of” Paxton House’. My family’s origins are from before the scots and interested in all of our origins in the land called scotland. ‘Stewart’ by the way is German from the name ‘Stigweart’ for point of interest. Thank you

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