Now sing the solution…

A strange creature ran on a rippling road,
Its cut was wild, its body bowed,
Four feet under belly, eight on its back,
Two wings, twelve eyes, six heads, one track.
It cruised the waves decked out like a bird,
But was more–the shape of a horse, man,
Dog, bird, and the face of a woman–
Weird riddle-craft riding the drift of words–
Now sing the solution to what you’ve heard.

Can you work out the solution to the riddle? As before, you can leave your answer below, on the Facebook group, or over at Twitter to @brparchaeology. The solution will be revealed tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Now sing the solution…

  1. It’s a ship of some description. Four feet under the water, eight above the water. Two wings are the sails, eyes are shields on the sides. Face ofthe woman is a figurehead? Or is this too obvious?

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