Treasures of the Anglo-Saxons

Art Historian Dr. Janina Ramirez of Oxford University hosts this documentary that explores Anglo-Saxon art and material culture in the UK. The documentary explores iconic Anglo-Saxon artefacts, from the recently discovered Staffordshire Hoard to the stunning Franks Casket and the beautiful Lindisfarne Gospels. The documentary forms part of the BBC’s Norman season, which explores how the arrival of the Normans in 1066 impacted on British history. The documentaty is available to view and download to UK residents on BBC iPlayer until the 19th August.

Bamburgh and the North-East feature quite heavily throughout the programme; you’ll catch frequent glimpses of Bamburgh Castle and Holy Island, the gorgeous Northumberland landscape, and get a look inside Durham Cathedral and St. Peter’s Church at Jarrow.

The documentary is an interesting introduction to the iconography and art of Anglo-Saxon England, and indeed to some of the Anglo-Saxon archaeology and history of the region. Dr. Ramirezs’ narrative ties together a lot of different strands of scholarship, but remains accessible and suceeds in delivering an interesting narrative. Go take a look and let us know what you think!

Don’t forget you can catch the Bamburgh Research Project on the BBC’s Digging for Britain programme on Thursday 2nd September at 9pm.

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