Project Woruldhord, University of Oxford

For those of you who have yet to come across this, the University of Oxford’s Project Woruldhord is well worth a look. As the project’s website explains, the idea behind Woruldhord is quite simple:

Members of the public, of academia, of special interest groups are asked to submit via an online web site any images, documents, audio, video they have of material they would be happy to share with the rest of the world to further the study of Old English and the Anglo-Saxons.

We would welcome images of buildings, sites, artefacts; teaching handouts or presentations; audio of readings or interviews; video clips of crafts, sites; and so on. In fact anything that you feel would benefit teachers, researchers, and interested parties who wish to learn more about the Anglo-Saxons.

As well as building what I suspect will be a jolly useful and interesting on-line resource, the Wourldhord Project will be something of an adventure in on-line and community collection / curation. I’m really interested to see how the project comes together. You can also follow the project editor’s blog; each week, a highlight from the submissions to the archive to date will be picked out.

My favourite so far has been last week’s entry on Anglo-Saxon beads – potentially useful for us, given the BRP’s own collection of beads from this period!

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