Measuring Success?

As we close down excavations for the summer season of 2010, the staff here at the BRP inevitably reflect on the successes and failures we’ve had this year. We’ll be evaluating our work in the next few days and weeks, and putting together an action plan for the coming months – and indeed, the 2011 excavations – based on this evaluation.

While thinking about the 2010 season as part of this process, I came across an article at the Archaeology, Museums & Outreach blog: Measuring Program Success. It’s a short piece that has nonetheless been thought provoking for me. Check it out and see what you think. Thoughts and comments are always welcome!

We’d also really like to hear what you think we achieved in 2010. Again, all feedback is welcomed!

One thought on “Measuring Success?

  1. With regard to the article on measuring program success. Very interesting. The measure of the day for me has never been hard facts. I am more interested in immersing students in the experience. They then have something of their own to relate to and their reactions may not surface within a predictable time frame or in ways we expect.

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