Trowels have been packed away, but the work goes on!

We’ve come to the end of the 2010 excavation season here at the Bamburgh Research Project.

Both the Castle and Kaimes sites have been tidied away for the off season; the finds and the office have been packed safely away.

We have a lot of thank yous to say this year. Firstly, we’d like to thank all the project’s staff and the students who have spent time with us this year: we’ve had a truly superb team and are very grateful for all the hard work that you’ve put in with us. Please be sure to keep in touch with us via the Facebook group, our Twitter feed and of course by subscribing to the blog. You can upload your photos, videos (and other incriminating media!) to the Facebook page too – we’d love to share the memories!

Thanks are also due to Bamburgh Castle, who have kindly permitted us to continue our work in the Castle grounds this year.
Thank you to the staff of The Clock Tower Tearooms within the Castle for their friendly service and delicious food; a hot chocolate and a home-made soup can make an extraordinary difference to a digger’s day!

Thank you to R Carter and Son, the superb butcher in Bamburgh village who have provided us with top quality burgers and delicious Bamburgh Bangers by the crate-load for our weekly barbeques.

Thank you to Kevin Lawson and Michelle de Bruin for their fantastic work on the Anglo-Saxon stone chair reconstruction. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and to see you both in action. Thanks also to Kevin’s partner, Jodi, and their delightful children Jordan, Jenny and Jamie; you were a joy to work and play with, and we wish you all the best in your upcoming marriage! 

Thanks to the staff and volunteers at Bamburgh Castle, who are endlessly patient and helpful. Particular thanks are due to Carol, whose archival work has produced some brilliant documents and insights into the history of the site and the surrounding area.

Thank you to the Pavilion Association for the hire of Bamburgh Pavilion as a lecture venue throughout the season.

Thank you to all the guest lecturers who have kindly given their time and expertise to the project and the Bamburgh community.

A truly enormous thank you is due to the staff at Waren Mill Camping and Caravan Park. The project’s staff and students have called the campsite home for the last two months and have been supported by amazingly helpful, professional and welcoming staff at every level and in every way. Our stay there is always a pleasant one, and we’re very grateful for everything Scott and his team do for us!

Finally, thank you to everyone who has been following the blog so far. The blog is a new feature of the BRP and has been something of an experiment. From the comments and feedback we’ve had so far the experiment seems to have been a resounding success. However, we’re always eager to hear your feedback, comments and suggestions – please feel free to comment below, or by e-mail to

In the next few weeks, we’ll be bringing you an end of season report from each of our locations and from our finds department which will bring together the work that we’ve been doing in the last two months. Of course, the BRP’s work doesn’t stop when the digging does; we’ll be hard at work in the off season too and will be keeping you up to date with all the things we do over the winter months.

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