Trench 1 Update

This week in Trench 1, we planned and photographed the entire trench so that we can start excavating several features within it. With the help of Matt Williams of Channel 4’s  Time Team, we put a section through a linear ditch that runs east to west across the middle of the Ttrench 1 extension. We believe we’ve now found the edges of this feature as well as the bottom of the ditch within the excavated area. In order to find the full extent of the ditch, we’ve put a further section through in the hope that we’ll learn what relationships the ditch has with surrounding features. We’ve also excavated a possible post hole which lies directly to the west of the hearth area, as well as the rest of the medieval paving.

Over the next few days we will again be cleaning the entire trench one extension in order to photograph, record and fully excavate the features that are currently being half sectioned.

We’d like to extend particular thanks to Matt Williams and the Time Team crew for their help in Trench 1 this week – it was a pleasure to work with you all!

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