Trench 3 Update

  In the northern end of Trench 3 we have successfully defined and excavated the fill of cut (3237). It was discovered that this cut contained a number of fills, the primary of which was (3282) and (3280) – these contexts were differentiated in individual quadrants as they were initially unconnected, however they will be equated in the site record.

The secondary fill was revealed to be a burnt clay deposit (3282) which has been excavated and sampled, processing will hopefully help to elaborate upon the nature of this deposit. The tertiary and presumably final fill is (3234) which contains much medieval material as well as Roman finds, and on Thursday revealed a small bone die, confirming that we are still excavating the remnants of medieval midden deposits. As this pit has now been almost conclusively defined and recorded it will no longer form the focus of our investigations.

 The planning of the southern half of Hope-Taylor’s Cutting A has commenced, following the cleaning of this section of Trench 3, in order to record this area of archaeology which has been unexcavated for a number of years.

The southern end of the trench in the eastern half is being cleaned in the hope of revealing something of the features which must contain some of the upright stones set within. This area will be the focus of activity during Time Team’s visit next week, with the aim that a number of features can be excavated providing both visible progression and a number of finds from an area which has proved, in previous investigations, to be a concentration of metal-working activity.

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