Trench 3 Update

Section recording of the intrusive medieval pit at the northern end of the trench has allowed the reduction of the opposing quadrants of the feature to begin. Ultimately the feature will be entirely excavated and removed. Within the central part of the site trench, cleaning of the late early medieval deposit sequence has allowed the extent of the uppermost later to be defined. This is currently under excavation and has revealed a reasonable concentration of hammerscale within it. This indicates the presence of metal working activity within the general vicinity and has prompted a comprehensive sampling strategy aimed at identifying working ‘hot spots’.

Student Nicky Boak excavating in Trench 3.

In addition, our EDM has now been recalibrated and we’ve been using it in Trench 3 this week – everything seems to be in working order now!

John Castling and Dan Bateman working in Trench 3.

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