Trench 1 Finds Update

Trench 1 has continued in its tradition of producing some very lovely finds this week.

This fragment of worked bone is thought to be Saxon in date; our Finds Supervisor Kate Clarke and her assistants Kirstie and Emma have been working to identify what kind of object this fragment may have been part of.

Decorated bone fragment from 1272.

Detailed close-up of the bone object.

We’ve also had a glass bead come up from this trench. The bright blue colour suggests a roman date, though this is very tentative at the moment.

Glass bead from Trench 1.

Close up of the glass bead, with the strong blue colour clearly visible.

In addition to this, we’ve had a few nice metal finds this week. This is a kite headed pin, dating to around the 11th Century. This is one of several pins that have been found on site: conserved examples are currently on display in the museum inside Bamburgh Castle.

Kite pin from Trench 1.

We’ve also had yet more fragments of horse harness from this area, adding to the equine finds from the trench to date:

Iron horse harness fitting, Trench 1.

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