Trench 1 Update

Trench 1 has continued to produce some very interesting archaeology and exciting finds this week. More of the medieval paving surface has been removed. The paving was overlying context 1272, which regular readers may remember as the dark grey silty surface that produced some interesting – if a little perplexing! – finds last week. We’ve continued to excavate this area and have had yet more finds come out, including a piece of decorated bone.

In a separate area, we have excavated material from around a feature that is believed to be a hearth with a probable 12th century date. In doing this, we’ve uncovered at least two possible post holes, and a linear slot in which the hearth seems to sit.

In terms of finds, Trench 1 has thus far produced a medieval glass bead, another sherd of roman pottery, a copper kite pin similar to those found in previous excavations, and a decorated bone object (as yet unidentified).

Over the next few days, we’ll be photographing and planning areas of the trench. After that, we aim to exacavate and learn more about the two possible post holes, and to quarter section and sample the hearth.

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