Database / Records Volunteer

The BRP is currently looking for a volunteer to help prepare some of our data for the archiving of site records, relating mainly to finds and post-excavation.

The role will involve creating digital versions of record sheets and indexes, and ensuring that the maximum amount of information is retained and understood.

Personal Qualities

The person we’re looking for should:

  • Be able to read and interpret varying styles of handwriting (some messy / potentially confusing).
  • Be prepared to work with terminology / jargon / abbreviations that may not be familar at first.
  • Be good at maintaining a system / routine correctly and consistently.
  • Have good observational skills and the ability to pay close attention to fine details.
  • Be accurate and efficient.
  • Be able to notice and link together relevant information from multiple sources, and draw this to the correct person’s attention.
  • Have good general organisational skills.
  • Be flexible.
  • Be able and willing to ask for help / check with a member of staff when appropriate.
  • Be able and willing to work individually.
  • Have experience of databasing / spreadsheets / word processeing programmes (Access, Excel, Word).

If you would like to volunteer in this role, please contact Rachael Barnwell on 01668 214 897, or e-mail for more information and an informal discussion.

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