Digging in the Bowl Hole

This week the BRP is playing host to a team of researchers from the University of York. The team, headed by Professor Don Brothwell, are excavating a small area in the Bowl Hole burial ground. They hope to uncover unexcavated burials from which soil samples can be taken as a part of a wider project analysing grave fills.

The team from the University of York working in the Bowl Hole.

Earlier, the team uncovered a feature that is likely to be a kiln:

Rory Foster and Alex Stevens of the BRP working on the kiln feature.

The kiln feature under excavation.

After digging and recording the kiln feature, the team has started to uncover what they believe to be grave cuts. These are currently showing as areas of clay above the level of the till that naturally occurs in that area. In previous seasons when the BRP has worked at the Bowl Hole, this is how graves initially presented. There are 2 – 3 cuts currently visible; we’ll update you as work progresses!

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